artist statement

Before heading off to this weekend’s arts festival, I have been tweaking my artist statement to hang in my booth:

Beth Aten

Stitched Works

Organic contours, complex interplay between shapes and colors, sinuous lines, and richly textured fabrics are used to depict the light and movement I am inspired by on my daily walks in nature. Having control over the exterior contours is a primary reason I work in fiber. I appreciate the sculptural properties this imparts to the work, as well as the apparent continuation and flow throughout the display space. I spend long hours in the dye studio creating the richly textured fabrics; often one piece of fabric undergoes many processes to achieve the layered results. I am enchanted by color and most often use a broad, earthy palette juxtaposed with bright highlights, reflecting my view of nature. The sinuous lines in my work are a continuation of that view, used to convey the long figurative lines of grand branches and the color boundaries of landscape. These elements combine harmoniously to express the beauty of the gardens and forests in my life.

and trying to have at least some rough photographs of all my pieces.  Here is a detail shot of one of a new series, Fields: