word pictures

I have new work hanging in Moosewood Restaurant in Ithaca, New York.  Had my camera not spent a few days gone missing and then been found amongst the kale and fennel, I would have pictures to show of painting the fabrics, constructing the compositions, and the finished pieces.  Alas.  I would have pictures of all the Moosewood cookbooks I own, so many stained pages on my long road of learning to cook learning curve. I would also have pictures of the books I’ve read recently, Fates and Furies by Margaret Groff, thumbs down.  I wanted to like it, everyone else does.  The Heart Goes Last by Margaret Atwood, thumbs up.  Classic Atwood.  Of course I would have all the pictures I was taking when the camera dropped while harvesting~the hopeful new willow garden of future sculptures, the delightful tomatoes after several years of blight and stinkbugs, the colorful non~stop swiss chard, the surprising volunteer gourds everywhere, and the world’s largest whistlepig* I thought was most certainly a bear cub.  And of course the there’s no doubt I’m a bear and I brought a friend moment.

I hope to get a camera soon, before I head up to Ithaca again.  My work will be on display for the month of October.

* The groundhog Marmota monax, also known as a woodchuck.