derwent inktense blocks

I’ve been printing and painting great piles of fabrics and papers to use for my textile collages.  Time stills while I am listening to music and painting with dogs underfoot.


this was done by applying derwent inktense block colors over a stencil printed fabric.



on a day like this, only restless dogs and the garden can pull me away from making  colorful trees.



Happy Happenstance

Trudging around Ithaca, New York,  yesterday, window shopping in the rain, I came upon the work of my friend, Deb Stabley,  in a shop window……

I usually see Deb’s work in her studio after we’ve had a lovely walk together in her woods (with dogs of course!), so it was a treat for me to see them in one of the galleries which show her work.  This is My American Crafts Gallery on the Ithaca Commons, which has a large selection of lovely craft.  I only took this quick shot in the rain, but this shot from their website shows what a nifty building they are in.

More of Deb’s work can be seen on her website.

Arts Fest

Gearing up for Arts Fest……more formally known as the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts,  in State College.  The show runs this Thursday through Saturday, 10 until 8 and 12 until 5 on Sunday.  Meanwhile, garden chores and doggies vie for attention, dogs frequently winning!