texture of becoming


Artspace Gallery,  221 Center Street in Bloomsburg,  Pennsylania will be hosting the exhibit, “The Texture of Becoming” from October 3rd until November 16th  featuring the work of Deb Stabley, Bob McCormick, and Beth Aten. Deb’s work represents a new direction in which she focuses on the process of altering natural environments and the documentation of that process.  Bob is exploring a variety of media and surfaces including century-old metal barn roofing, and Beth is combining paper, fabric, and stitching in two and three dimensional objects. Works on display will include painting, photography, ceramics, books, and mixed media. The three consider the art-making process to be one of personal evolution and growth, adding to and exploring the layers of their lives.  All are welcome to attend the reception at Artspace on Saturday, October 5th from 6 until 8 where the artists will share more about their work and processes. Gallery hours are Thursday through Saturday noon until 8, and Sunday noon until five.

worktable gravity



on my worktable:  explorations of layering, incising, circles, color…….as the rain continues to fall, and the gardens burst forth.

gravity drifts like rain from unhurried clouds…….rilke

ways of seeing

Start close in,
don’t take the second step
or the third


the arboretum at penn state


Start with
the ground
you know







excerpts from start close in by david whyte


derwent inktense blocks

I’ve been printing and painting great piles of fabrics and papers to use for my textile collages.  Time stills while I am listening to music and painting with dogs underfoot.


this was done by applying derwent inktense block colors over a stencil printed fabric.



on a day like this, only restless dogs and the garden can pull me away from making  colorful trees.




The last several weeks have been spent painting and printing fabrics and papers as well as admiring the colors of the garden.


now on to layering and stitching……..

sunflower sky

sunflower sky