Wool and Woodpile Weather

Although the temperatures don’t feel autumnal, the deafening night crickets and fading perennials signal the changing of the seasons.  It’s time to stack wood



and see what wool colors I have





and remember the pleasure of hand stitching



Sculptures by Henry Moore in New York Botanical Garden

While sorting through some images of last summer, I came across  photographs I took while visiting the  New York Botanical Garden , where twenty works by the British sculptor Henry Moore were on exhibit.   Moore in America is currently at the Atlanta Public Garden through October 31, 2009.




Amid the extensive collection of books about Moore in the NYBG’s bookstore,   I was surprised to learn that Moore designed textiles at the close of World War Two.   Visit the Henry Moore Foundation website to see images of his textile works and a photograph of his wife, Irina Moore, sewing one of his fabric designs into curtains for their home!

Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens

No trip would be complete without checking out the area’s botanical gardens.  Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, although less than twenty years old,  gracefully combines the natural beauty of Maine’s landscape with more formal gardens such as the new Lerner Garden of the Natural Senses.  The integration and imaginative use  of stonework throughout the gardens is exceptional.

hosta stone sphere

hosta stone sphere

stone fern

stone fern


On a recent trip to midcoast Maine I enjoyed exploring the coast line, marveling at the lupines, kayaking,  finding great book stores, and falling asleep to the songs of the loons.  The boulders of Maine, of course, fascinate, and consumed most of my camera memory.