ways of seeing

Start close in,
don’t take the second step
or the third


the arboretum at penn state


Start with
the ground
you know







excerpts from start close in by david whyte


trunk show

“I am following the highway

down the river” *

to the Village Artisan’s Gallery where I will be sharing my work and process from one until four tomorrow.
from the web site:

Housed in a renovated 1875 brick church located in the picturesque historic village of Boiling Springs the gallery is nationally recognized as a treasury of American craftsmanship and artistry. Featuring the work of Pennsylvania artists we offer a wonderfully eclectic selection of fine craft & art created by more than two hundred American artists. Traditional and contemporary crafts such as blown glass, pottery, turned wood, wrought iron, hand woven apparel & jewelry are found along stunning fine art, children’s book illustrations, calligraphy, collages etc!

Honored to be selected Cumberland Valley’s 2011, 2012 & 2013 Best in the Valley Place to Shop, voted 2011 #1 Gallery and #1 Gift Shop on Central PA Magazine’s HOT LIST and chosen one of the 2011 NICHE TOP RETAILER AWARD winners. In 2005 the VILLAGE ARTISANS GALLERY was chosen the NICHE #2 Retailer of American Craft from over 700 galleries, retail and museum shops nominated by more than 18,000 professional craft artists in a nationwide poll.


AND  it is just steps away from the midway point of the Appalachian Trail,

where these fellows will be most of the day~



* paul simon, graceland


Penn State Harrisburg Installation

I recently installed three quilts in the Tall Timbers series in the Penn State Library in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  When I began dyeing fabric for this large project



it was still scarf weather.


After making a wide range of colors


and sewing many, many hours


the works were completed and installed.


As  a lifetime library devotee, it gives me great pleasure to know my works are hanging there!